Tantra Bensko plays toward Lucidity in many ways, and has presented some methods and results through formats such as her writing, in a genre she calls Lucid Fiction. She has traveled across the country for decades doing healings, which she learned to do at a distance at 12. Her music, art, acting, Tantra Yoga teaching, and hypnosis combine play, spontaneous movement and sound, writing without pre-composition, and also expansion of the self, as well as a kind of feral wildness, and absurdist humor.

Two new books are recently out, The Cabinet of What You Don't See (ISMs Press) and Lucid Fiction (Night Publishing.) http://lucidmembrane.weebly.com/ Lucid Membrane addresses all levels of the self, from zany realism to explosively meditative. Three stories are hidden within it, one of which speaks directly to the subconscious to nudge it to become more Lucid, able to see truth, through manipulation, and illusion. Readers can put the password found in the book into the website's Secret Womb, and find even more of the book, in new, participatory forms.